I am grateful to my friends for their help.

1.To Sudakov Valery, for his operation program -Editor  tegs

2.To Shirokorad Alexsander- for consultations. The most accurate facts about artillery you can find in his books.

3.To the friends from Tula Concern "Splav" -for tehnical providing. 

4.To Sevastopol collectors Besedin Stas, brothers Zhiliaev Dmitry and Sergey, Evgeny Dubovik -for their consultations.

5. To Krestianikov Valery, the Head of Sevastopol Archives.

6. To Major Colin Robins OBE MA(Cantab) FRHistS Principal of Withycut House, publishers of Military            History Editor of 'The War Correspondent', journal of the Crimean War Research Society.

7. To W. S. Curtis.The Crimean War Research Society,Committee of the Museum of the National Rifle Association (GB),The Whitworth Rifle Research Project.

And also to many other friends of mine.

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