Cannons in the world.

Cannons in France. 

.The 30-36 - pound cannon in Monaco.

.The gun in the Prince's Palace  

 The gun in the Prince Palace, my friend Mishel. 

 The gun in the Tulon Museum and Mishel! 

The gun in the Gibraltar, photos No 1 and No 2. (photos by Bill Curtis).

Cannons in Egipt, Port-Said  No1  and  No2.

Cannons in India, Mumbay No1 and No2. 

Guns in Moscow Kremlin, Tsar-Gun.

General view

 The Russian gun (pishchal ), XVII century.

Captured French guns,   Swedish guns.  

XVII century guns in Sergiev Pasad Kremlin (1,2,3,4). 

Guns in the Tula Arms Museum,  Polish и Swidish..

The Russian guns (1, 2 and 3, side view 4 and 5) in Kolomenskoe (Moscow), its marks (1,2 and 3).'Pishchal' in the Church - overview and  part of the muzzle.

Mohammed Bombard ,photos by Bill Curtis. This very large gun is made in two pieces, chase and breech, the two parts screwing together. The breech is shorter and of slightly smaller diameter than the chase. Both parts are cast with prominent double mouldings at either end which are joined longitudinally by sixteen crosspieces to form an equal number of sockets for the insertion the levers used in screwing or unscrewing the two parts. The rest of the length is divided by rounded mouldings, five on the chase and three on the breech. The surface between the outermost of these mouldings and the prominent mouldings at the ends is filled with two interlocking bands of formalised flower or leaf ornament, one raised, other sunken. The muzzle is inscribed in Turkish in relief: СHelp O God. The Sultan Mohammed Khan son of Murad. The work of Munir Ali in the month of Rejeb.  In the year 868Т (Mohammed Khan = Mahomet II, Sultan of Turkey, 1430-81; 868 = 1464).  Near the vent are engraved directions for loading which may translated as follows:Diameter, chamber, 7 parmak, 80 nokta (9Х4 in) (23Х9 cm): muzzle, 20 parmak (26Х7 in) 67.8 cm ): shot, 19 parmak, 25 nokta (23Х8 in) ( 60.4 cm ).  Weight of shot, 240 okes ( 676 lb ) (306Х6 kg) Charge, 17½  okes ( 49.35 lb ) ( 22.4 kg ). EXTRACT FROM УTHE ARMOURIES OF THE TOWER OF LONDONФ (1976).TURKISH.242. Great Bronze Gun (Pl. 3). XIX. 164.  Turkish,dated 1464.

The Russian 12-pound gun captured in the Alma Battle (1854). The Museum of The Royal Welch Fusiliers.

The Russian gun in Hartlepool, Britain.  (photos by Carl Richarson) can say that itТs a ship gun: 36Цpound gun-carronada, if its diameter is 174 mm , or 48- pound, if it has a diameter 195 m . By the way, carronades were made in the town of Carron in Scotland in the 18th century. In Russia similar types of guns  (carronada in the Russian spelling) were cast at the Alexandrovsky plant in 1840-1841. Weight Ц 142 pood (1 pood =16 kg). This details could be found on the trunnions. 

Guns in Tynemouth, Britain. 

Attention!  Big Lancaster Gun, in TYNEMOUTH PRIORY AND CASTLE.. var. No1), . No2 (photos by David Scuse)

Fort Nelson, now contains British national artillery collection. The attached photos are of three Russian licorns that were captured in the Crimean War. They all show evidence of damage inflicted by Allied artillery No 1, No 2 , No 3. (Photos by Peter Knox).

The oldest gun in Russia. XIV century. (Var 1, and 2) 

The Italy Bombard di Morro XIV cent.,photos by General Giuseppe Uzzo.

The German gun in Smolensk, (photos by Elena Tupahina, emblems - 'PROC I ORETAET PARTA'  and  'ULITIMARATIO REGIS'.

French- ? guns in Smolensk, No 1 and No2.(photos by Elena Tupahina

Russian guns  in Lipetsk, XVII century. No1, No2,3, trunnionstrademarkphotos by local history-lovers

The gun in Kronshtadt, photos by Gena Kuchin, my good friend -  Carron Plant - є 1 and є 2 4-pound and 30-фн  Nearby (60-pd model 1847 г. and  60-pdн Stafisjo. Nearby  pair of 24-pd Russian guns !
The Russian gun in Hersoh, var.1 and var.2 (photos by Natali).
The Russian gun XVII c. in Zaporozie (photo by Alena Tupahina).

The Turkish gun in Marmaris. (1, 2, 3). (photo by Sergey)

Guns  in the Valetta Art  Museum(photo by Alena Tupahina) 

Guns in the Valetta Art  Museum - Breech Piece,  nearby  - No 2 No 3 and No4. (photo by Alena Tupahina)

 The gun No 4 var 2.  Emblems No 1,  No 2, dolphins, - fantastic!(photo by Alena Tupahina)

  The gun No 5, and var 2. nearby -  mortar and brass gun. (photo by Alena Tupahina)

Description  of the 1772 gun .(photo by Alena Tupahina)

 The gun and mortar. (photo by Alena Tupahina)

The gun No 6, emblems є1, є2 and є3.  (photo by Alena Tupahina)

The ship guns No7 No 8, and No 8 var..(photo by Alena Tupahina)

The gun No 9, emblems  -No , No2 and єNo3A gun No 10  - ! (photo by Alena Tupahina)

 The gun No 11.(photo by Alena Tupahina)

German Elefant. (Dolphin ).Inscription:  GOS MICH JACOB ROTTENBERGER emblem-?, Inscription: "Cottorum princeps per agrans Ludovic amcena Galliae et Hispani regna opulenta soli, venerat in Meliten pei, ago suspectus honore magno per magnis cerutus ac meritis per mare Sicilia visa Italia eque per arua in Patriam ut pedi it salvus et incolumis molem hanc belligeram Melitenci equitumor grati animi signum firmae et amigitae giesside de castro donatam misit acerbe sendiat hanc hostis fac pie Christe tuus actum anno Christi M.DC.VIX". emblem No 2, data: LL ZH 1600.(photo by Alena Tupahina)

 The gun N2 , (trunnions) Inscription: PETRUS RIBOT ME FECIT BAR 1726. : FUNDATIS FR. RAIMUNDI DE VERI. MAJORIC. emblem PRO FIDE (photo by Alena Tupahina)

Guns of Gozo island  emblem of the grandmaster Nikolas Kotkner, emblem, data (?): 1663 - 1680 гг. button , emblem. (photo by Alena Tupahina)

 Guns in Mdina (1, 2, 3, 4).  (photo by Alena Tupahina)

The gun in Florian - ’VIII cen..,  emblem of grandmaster Manuel de Vilien. Emblem  St. Ioan Gualberto (?) emblem No 2(photo by Alena Tupahina)

Legendary Battery No 30 in Sevastopol, . є1,   є2,  

Captured Polish guns in Pereslavl Zalessky (280 km from Moscow).(emblem 1 , 2) and 3 .

 The stone round short .

Guns from  Peter's the Great boat  No1 and No 2 and 3Guns in the Pereyslavl Zalessky Museum (cascable

Guns in the Artillery St. Petersburg Museum (photo by Alexander Shirokorad)

Guns XVI-XVII c.c. 12- griven howitzer - 1542 , Mortar Kegorn old gun, drobovik and arkebuza, oldest gun - с 1 and 2 gun ferum 1 and 2. Old guns 1 , 2 , 3 и 4. Field guns 1 and 2
Mortar  XVIII c. 1,2,3,4 and 5.
Old gun 12 и 3, XVI-XVII c., 4 - XVIII c., 5. Shuvalov Howitzer  1, 2,3 and 4.
Guns 1 и 2.

Prussian Shuvalov Howitzer  - 2.   Guns 1 XVI c., 2.               Old Guns.

 Experimental gun 1 and 2, 3 . Polish guns XVII c.

My acknowledge to Ruth Brown, co-editor  of the  ICOMAM Magazine who has been discovered one more British cannon proved 30 December 1806 by the East Indian Company in Fort William. Now it is on display in the Army Museum in Istanbul, mistakenly identified Venetian. Three other cannons of Fort William are in the Black Sea Fleet Museum in Sevastopol.   

Thanks to Alexander from Kiev for pictures of the guns in the Kiev-Pechersk fortress XI-XIX c.c. Some of them  seem to be models, however, there are true guns of the Russian Empire XVIII c. (1,2) . Also, there are photos of the guns of the civil war in USA (1,2 and 3).


Here could be the photo of the gun in your city !  

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