according to 1904 List (1pg, 2pg, 3pg and 4pg) .

In the Russian Army since Peter the Great there were 100 regiments. They had numbers from 1 to 100 which were engraved on their buttons. According to 1828 Reform regiments were organized as 50 infantry and 50 chasseur. Now they had numbers from 1 to 50. From 1828 to 1865 divisions had two brigades. Each brigade consisted of two regiments - infantry and chasseur, which had different names but the same numbers. Soldiers had brass buttons, officers - gilded. Some chasseur regiments had silver-plated buttons.  

4-Infantry Division                Belozersk Infantry Regiment; .Shlissemburg Chasseur Regiment  No. 7


Olonetsk Infantry Regiment; .Ladoga Chasseur  Regiment    No.8
 5-Infantry Division                Arhangelogorod Infantry Regiment, Kostroma Chasseur Regiment    No.9


Vologda Infantry Regiment, Galitsk Chasseur Regiment       

6-Infantry Division                Muromsk Infantry Regiment. No.11
7-Infantry Division             Smolensk Infantry Regiment.   No.13  


Mogilevsk Infantry Regiment, Polothck Chasseur Regiment    No.14 


Vitebsk Chasseur Regiment No.13  
8-Infantry Division                  Count Dibich's Zabaikalsky Chernigovsk Infantry Regiment,Alexsopolsk Chasseur Regiment No. 15   


Polttava Infantry Regiment, Kremenchuksk Chasseur Regiment   No.16

9-Infantry Division                 

Elets Infantry Regiment, Adjutant General Prince Gorchakov's Bryansk  Chasseur Regiment  No.17


Sevsk Infantry Regiment, Prince Varshavsky Count Paskevich-Erivansky's Chasseur Regiment No.18
10-Infantry Division            Ekatirenburgsk Infantry Regiment, Tomsk Chasseur Regiment   No.19


Tobolsk Infantry Regiment, Kolyvansk Chasseur Regiment No.20
11-Infantry Division                Selenginsk Infantry Regiment,Ohotsk Chasseur Regiment No.21


Yakutsk Infantry Regiment No.22


Kamchatka Chasseur Regiment No.22
12- Infantry Division               Azov Infantry Regiment No.23


Ukraine Chasseur Regiment No.23


Dnepre Infantry Regiment, Odesa Chasseur Regiment No.24

14-Infantry Division               

Volyn Infantry Regiment, Podolsk Chasseur Regiment No.27


Minsk Infantry Regiment No.28


Zhitomir Chasseur Regiment No.28
16-Infantry Division                 Vladimir Infantry Regiment, Uglich Chasseur Regiment No.31


Suzdal Infantry Regiment,  Hiz Imperial Majesty Grand Duke Michael Nikolayevich   Kazan Chasseur Regiment No.32
17-Infantry Division               Moskow Infantry Regiment, Borodino Leib-Chasseur Regiment  No.33


Butirsk Infantry Regiment, Taruta Chasseur Regiment No.34
7-reserve  Infantry Division  5 , 6 batalions                                    Smolensk Infantry Regiment No.13


Mogilev Infantry Regiment No.14


Vitebsk Chasseur Regiment No.13


Podolsk Chasseur Regiment No.14

13-reserve Infantry Division                    5, 6 batalions                     

Brest Infantry Regiment Lithuinian Chasseur Regiment No.25


Belostok Infantry Regiment, Vilensk Chasseur Regiment No.26

14-reserve Infantry Division  5 , 6 batalions                                 

Volyn Infantry Regiment No.27


Minsk Infantry Regiment No.28
15-reserve Infantry Division : Modlin Infantry Regiment, Lublin Chasseur Regiment No.29


Prague Infantry Regiment, Zamosk Chasseur Regiment No.30
   Rifle units                                            4- rifle battalion


  6- rifle battalion



10-artillery brigade, battery  1,2   batteries, light   1,2   batteries

Artillery :                                     

11-artillery brigade,  battery   3 battery,        light    4,  5,  6   batteries

Artillery :                        

12-artillery brigade, light  7,  8,  9 batteries

Artillery :14-artillery brigade,  light     4 battery
Artillery :                              

16-artillery brigade,  battery 1 battery, ,light  1 battery

Artillery :                            

17-artillery brigade  light   4, 5  batteries


The Don Cossack regiments (hundreds)  No.No. 39, 42, 53, 56 67.

Black Sea Cossack Army: battalion No.2

Reserve battalions No. 2,8

Kursk militsia (opolcheniye) squads  No.No. 47,48,49

Greek Emperor Nicholas I legion.

Engineering companies No.No. 19,15. There is a button of the company No.52.

Communication company No. 52 (from 1843)

Companies of the Sevastopol artillery garrison. 

 Naval crew  29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34,35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41,42,43,44 45 (var 1, 2, 3, 4)

Port crew No. 4

Working crews No.No. 11,12,15,16,17,18,19

Port companies No.No. 44,45,46

Arsenal No.7 and laboratory No.8 companies

Arrest companies No.No. 44,45,46

Naval construction companies No.No. 8,10

Sevastopol Engineers

Hospital company

Quarantine company

Artillery division attached to !3th Infantry Division   

Naval mobile batteries No.No. 1,2

Besides, soldiers of the following units might have taken part in the defence because relevant buttons were found on the battlefields :

                      .H.M. King of Neapol Infantry Regiment. No.1 Narva Chasseur  Regiment No.1

                       Sofia Naval  Regiment. No.2 Koporsk Chasseur Regiment No.2.

                      William Prince of  Prussia Infantry  Regiment. No.3;  Revel Chasseur Regiment  No.3.

                      Carl Prince of  Prussia Infantry Regiment.No.4;  Estliandia Chasseur Regiment No.4

                      Staroingermanland Infantry  Regiment.No.5 Field-marshal PrinceKutuzov Chasseur Smolensk  Regiment No.5..

                      Novoingermanland Infantry  Regiment..No.6; Velikolutsk Chasseur Regiment No.6.

    6-infantry division 

                       Nizovsk Chasseur Regiment No11

                       Simbirsk Chasseur Regiment .No.12; Nizhegorod Infantry  Regiment No.12.   

                             2-reserve rifle battalion (since 1854)

                            No.No. 35,36,39,40,44          

                            No. No.  51,53,64,81,96     

      There were found buttons of artillerymen of brigades No. 8 and No.21


       Guards artillery brigade

       Naval artillery

      Infantry artillery (1829).

                                                             Pskov province Detachment

                                                               Poltava  province Detachment

                                                             Kamenets-Podolsk province Detachment

                                                           Ryazan province Detachment

                                                          Minsk province Detachment

                                                         Tavrida province Detachment

                                                         Herson province Detachment

                                                           Besarabia province Detachment

                                                           Harkov province Detachment

                                                         Officers' buttons   , Guard artillery

                                                                        ?-detachment of private person 

 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 

6.Sant Georgy(symbol  Regiment Moskva.)

7. Grenadier Regiment -? 

 8 - ?

9. Guard (1, 2, 3, 4)

10. 12 (cavalery ?).

11.Field ingeneer-?

12. Grenadier Regiment -?  (offiser)-?

12. Field ingeneer - ?.

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