The heroic 1854-1855  defence of Sevastopol,  the siege of the city by the Allied armies of Britain, France, the Kingdom of Sardinia, and Turkey has become a thing of the past. However, even now  more than 150 years ago, traces of those events can be found in the city and its outskirts. I was born in Sevastopol. As a child I used to walk and play at the Historical Boulevard  Panorama laid out on the cite of the former 4th bastion - the key position in the defence of the city. I was delighted with old guns set at the boulevard and could examine endlessly inscriptions and marks on the pieces which at that time seemed me mysterious. Thus artillery came in my life. Later when I engaged it professionally, the interest to the old ordnance only increased.    

Wellcome to my web-site where you can see photos of old guns in Sevastopol of Russian and not only origin, as well as in different cities all over the world, which were taken and sent to me by my friends and visitors of the site. If you want you can send me photos of the guns in your city and I'll try to identify them. People will know and see your local highlight! Also, you can find  lists of Russian regiments defended and British, French, Sardinian and Turkish ones offended Sevastopol. And that's not all.



1.  The brass bombardella, perhaps, XV-XVI с.с. in Museum antiquities of the city of Feoodosiya (Crimea).The mystical inscription on the gun, perhaps, will reveal secret - who the master the caster!

2. Two sea tools XVI of c. (bigger by the size - it is possible, has begun XVUII of century) from the Museum of the city of Saky (The Crimea, about Yevpatoria).

3.My acknowledge to Ruth Brown, co-editor  of the  ICOMAM Magazine who has been discovered one more British cannon proved 30 December 1806 by the East Indian Company in Fort William. Now it is on display in the Army Museum in Istanbul, mistakenly identified Venetian. Three other cannons of Fort William are in the Black Sea Fleet Museum in Sevastopol.  

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